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The average webmaster is not always aware of the importance of some of the basic principles and elements of website design. Professional website designers with formal training are often the only ones who understand these design concepts. Incorporating the simple principles commonly used by experienced website designers can make a great difference in your own website design.

Creating a Focal Point for Your Website

Your focal point will be the location of the primary piece of information you want your visitors to receive from your website. This area will stand out from the rest of the page and attract your guest’s attention as soon as they enter your site. You can create a prominent space on your website by varying the size of that particular section or using a contrasting color. The area can even have its own distinct shape to set it apart.

Choosing Your Website Colors

The color scheme you choose plays a prominent role in your visitors’ reactions and feelings toward the site, as well as how easy it is for them to view the pages, images, and text, so it is a very important part of website design. Various colors will either balance one another or they will create a contrasting eyesore that turns visitors away. A typical website theme incorporates two or three colors into the design. The colors should blend with another and you should keep the color variety minimal. A simple white background with black text is a good start for a basic website design. You can then add a subtle shade to the page.

Creating a Balanced Website

A color scheme with complementing color shades is the best way to create a balanced look with your website. A balanced website design is much easier to view so your visitors will want to stay longer and will be more likely to visit your site again. White, or a very light color, should be the prominent color in your design and a matching, darker shade should be used in a few areas of the design. A website that looks good may not necessarily be balanced and balanced websites typically see greater success than those that are merely attractive.

Using Your Available Space

The way you use the space on your website page can influence the success of your website design. A good looking, effective website is based on a logical, but creative, layout.

Using Lines in Your Website Design

The lines used in your website also have an effect on your visitor’s feelings about your site. Horizontal lines have a soothing effect and are best for professional websites, like those for a business. Vertical lines have a more engaging effect, stimulating activity, and are great for accenting your pages. Diagonal lines are active lines that create a fun feeling. Diagonals are great for use in children’s websites or when you need to create excitement.

All of these commonly used elements of website design can help your website succeed.

Three Common Elements Of Website Design
Common Elements Of Website Design
Boost the Look and Feel of your Website
Secret To A Successful Website Design
Secret To A Successful Website Design


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Boost the Look and Feel of your Website
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Secret To A Successful Website Design
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